Our Team

Headshot of Kirstie Pecci, Just Zero Executive Director.

Kirstie Pecci
Executive Director

Big corporations control decisions when it comes to products and packaging that become trash. Yet, people like you and me are blamed for our waste crisis.

We just don’t have good enough options to help us avoid excessive waste and embrace solutions like reuse systems and composting. That’s why Just Zero pushes for equitable laws and policies that move us toward a Zero Waste reality.”

Peter Blair
Policy and Advocacy Director

Kevin Budris
Deputy Director

headshot of woman with long, dark brown hair standing in front of a brick wall. Wearing a grey sweater. Smiling.

Olivia Chabot
Communications Director

Lauren Fernandez
Development Director

Heather Greenwood, operations director

Heather Greenwood
Operations Director

headshot of Sakinah Jones

Sakinah Jones
Communications Associate

Headshot of a woman with short, brown hair standing in front of a barn door and next to a plant. Wearing a blue shirt, a rust colored sweater, and smiling.

Laura Orlando
Senior Scientist

Photo of Just Zero staff member, Vanessa Zapata

Vanessa Zapata
Staff Attorney

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