Kirstie Pecci (she/her)

Executive Director

Headshot of Kirstie Pecci, Just Zero Executive Director.

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  • What makes Just Zero tick
  • Building a Zero Waste future
  • Bottle Bill success stories
  • Out with landfills, in with composting


J.D. Boston College Law School
B.A. Government, Harvard University
Admitted to practice law in Massachusetts

Twitter: @KirstiePecci

My relationship with Zero Waste began as a necessity – wanting to protect my home, family, and community from the nearby landfill at all costs. But after realizing that no one else in the region was doing this work, I knew I had to continue. I’ve since spent the last decade discovering the experts with real solutions to our waste crisis. Now, I’m urging governments and corporations across the country to adopt these solutions and put an end to our toxic cycle of production and disposal.

At Just Zero, I provide a vision and I mentor team members so they can bring that vision to life. I refuse to accept that we can’t do better, and I know Just Zero will help get us to a sustainable, safe, equitable, and economical future.

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