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About Just Zero

Just Zero works alongside communities, policy makers, scientists, educators, organizers, and others to implement just and equitable solutions to climate-damaging and toxic production, consumption, and waste disposal practices.

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Because people deserve Zero Waste solutions with zero climate-damaging emissions and zero toxic exposures.

Making a Difference with Zero Waste Laws and Policies

Founded in 2022, Just Zero grew from a strong desire to design and implement sensible waste policies that provide protections for all communities across the nation. Why? Because our country’s waste management practices are outdated and unsustainable – not to mention toxic. Here at Just Zero, we feel people and the planet deserve better. And we’re using every tool available to us to fight for what’s right.

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A Small but Mighty Team

Our spirited, spunky team of advocates have years of experience working for transformative change. And as we grow, we will continue to harness staff members’ unique skills to carry out our mission.

Doing Best by Our Funders

We consider every dollar donated to Just Zero, whether from individual donors or foundations, a gift. Your support is an investment in a strong, healthy, sustainable, future. That’s why you can expect full transparency from us – because we’re committed to doing our best by your gift.

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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Define Our Work

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are not a separate component of our work, but the overarching blueprint through which we move toward a more just and sustainable society.

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