Sakinah Jones (she/her)

Communications Associate

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Just Zero works to implement just and equitable solutions to climate-damaging and toxic production, consumption, and waste disposal practices.  

 We focus on answers that put human and ecosystem health over polluter profits.

B.S. Management Information Systems, Rowan University


​​I believe that the world speaks to us in many ways and calls us to act – to protect what is important to us. Currently, the world is rapidly slipping into an irreversible state of collapse. The increasing rate of greenhouse gas emissions will lead to unequivocal widespread damaging effects across our planet, many of which we are already witnessing in real-time today. Knowing this, I began my search for ways I could best serve my planet and found myself at Just Zero. I’m excited every day to help our communities fight for just solutions to climate-damaging practices and to protect this place we call home.

At Just Zero, I combine my love for data, design, and words to raise awareness and empower diverse groups of individuals to act in good faith and help heal the wounds that have been inflicted on the Earth. My hope is that by marrying my three loves, I can aid in educating those far and wide about the status of our planet and how they can make a difference in the fight for a better tomorrow.

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