Olivia Chabot (she/her)

Communications Director

Headshot of a woman with long, dark brown hair standing in front of a brick wall. She's wearing a grey sweater and smiling.

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discussion topics

  • Communication strategy and messaging at Just Zero
  • Just Zero’s approach to Zero Waste
  • Who we are, what we do, and why we do it



M.A. Communication Management, Emerson College
B.S. Communications, Millersville University

Email: ochabot@just-zero.org
Twitter: @liv_chabot

With a constant desire to learn more about the backdrop of my life, I strive to try different things and recognize new passions. This spark of curiosity often leads me down a rabbit hole of discovery. And that’s exactly how I came to work in the Zero Waste movement – an article about microplastics in beauty products sparked an interest in waste. And that spark has since become a lifelong passion.

In my role at Just Zero, I craft communication strategies and messaging for all our programs and campaigns. My goal is to create engaging content that educates people on the negative impacts of our trash crisis and urges them to act. I believe that bold language and captivating visuals are critical to bringing on positive and just change for all.

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