Peter Blair (he/him)

Policy and Advocacy Director

Peter Blair, State Policy Director wearing blue shirt and smiling.

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discussion topics

  • Producer responsibility: Holding corporations responsible for their waste
  • Stopping plastic pollution before it starts
  • Zero Waste progress, state-by-state


J.D. University of Oregon School of Law 
B.A. Political Science & Philosophy, State University of New York, New Paltz 
Admitted to practice law in Oregon and Maine

Twitter: @ZeroWastePete

The waste we create and how we manage it is – for lack of a better word – ridiculous. The current pipeline of consumption to disposal is expensive, polluting, and short-sighted. We must do better. And I believe we can – by redesigning products and ensuring the systems that manage those products work for everyone.

At Just Zero, I provide legal and technical expertise to advocates, community members, and decisionmakers that are fighting the environmental harms and injustice created by our existing waste systems. This includes helping craft new laws and policies that deliver community-centered Zero-Waste solutions to problematic consumption and disposal practices. As well as working to oppose dangerous waste facilities.

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