Heather Greenwood (she/her)

Operations Director

Heather Greenwood, Operations Director
Fun facts about Heather Greenwood


Just Zero works to implement just and equitable solutions to climate-damaging and toxic production, consumption, and waste disposal practices.  

 We focus on answers that put human and ecosystem health over polluter profits.  

M.S. Resource Management and Conservation, Antioch University New England
B.A. Environmental Psychology, Marlboro College

Email: hgreenwood@just-zero.org

I believe strongly that our sense of place helps establish who we are and how we respond to our environment. This is why zero waste advocacy, and specifically justice-focused zero waste advocacy, is so essential to building a community of environmental stewards. Focusing on waste reduction and scientifically-sound and community-centered approaches to managing materials must be our priority as we tackle the waste crisis in the US.  

At Just Zero, I apply a similar lens to our operations – I focus on streamlining processes, implementing policies, and ensuring our practices are as just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive as possible. Just Zero is more than an organization; it is an organism that grows and flexes to stay at the front edge of our work and best practices for organization management. 

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