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Public health, communities, the environment, and our climate are under threat from polluting waste systems. That’s why we need everyone to get involved and urge cities and towns, states, and the federal government to support good Zero Waste policies and legislation. Here’s what you can do:

Stop Dangerous Plastic-Burning Technologies

Fund Clean Composting Programs Across The U.S.

Stop Plastic Pollution at its Source

Your Guide to State and Local Waste Plans

art concept of trash bags lining a city street

A systemic problem calls for systemic solutions. Many states, counties, and cities take a holistic look at the big picture using what are known as “solid waste management plans.” In fact, federal law requires states to implement waste plans and review them every three years. But our federal government doesn’t enforce this waste plan requirement. And most states (and many of the counties and cities that also develop waste plans) take a lackluster, business-as-usual approach to waste planning. 

But Just Zero is here to help. We’ve designed this toolkit to help you advocate for meaningful, systemic changes to our waste systems so that your federal, state, and local government prioritize waste reduction and diversion – setting us on a path to Zero Waste.

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