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In the News

Waste Dive

New nonprofit Just Zero taking a national approach to zero waste and closing disposal sites

"Our environment is in crisis, the climate is in crisis. Our trash system is incredibly wasteful. It makes sense to move forward and create a zero waste organization that could work across the U.S."

Packaging Insights

Pressure grows against Coca-Cola’s “corporate infiltration” of COP27

“The UN’s continued reliance on corporate polluters as sponsors shows that they see corporations as a part of the conversation regarding solutions, which is dangerous. These companies have repeatedly shown they are part of the problem and that their only goal in sponsoring these events is to greenwash their image.” 

EcoRI News

Countless Withdrawals of Natural Capital Likely to Bankrupt Human Well-Being

“For those forced to live near fossil fuel refineries and forced to live near plastic production facilities, the environment already has collapsed."

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